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2016 NFL Draft results: Did the Arizona Cardinals reach for Brandon Williams

They sure did get an athlete, but is he the player they should have gotten in the third round?

We get to discuss the lovely draft term "reach." Did the Arizona Cardinals "reach" for a player in selecting Texas A&M cornerback Brandon Williams with the 92nd pick in the draft?

Williams is a highly athletic player, but has only played on defense for one season. He never played defense even in high school. He told the media, "I had never backpedaled in my life."

He is a leader and has length and speed (recording a 4.37-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine).

He was called by Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians "one of the best special teams players in the country."

However, you have to think the Cardinals made that pick out of need. They were specifically targeting cornerback help in the draft and the pickings were slim when their turn came around.

Defensive backs many felt were good fits for the Cardinals flew off the board on Friday -- Xavien Howard, Sean Davis, T.J. Green, James Bradberry, Will Redmond, KeiVarae Russell, Daryl Worley and Kendall Fuller all were selected on Friday before the Cardinals' pick came up.

So they went with Williams. There is high upside, but he is raw.

The Cardinals had to take him if they wanted one that fit what they want -- length and speed.

But did they reach?

You could make the argument. Being a raw corner talent who has potential to be an impact special teams player makes you think of Justin Bethel. The Cardinals drafted him in the sixth round.

But was there a better player available, especially if they were looking for someone impact anything in 2016? Perhaps not.

They likely were not going to get anyone nearly as athletic or with the same upside later and they needed the position. it a reach?