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Flashback time: Arizona Cardinals fans approved of Adam Snyder deal

Almost everyone thought it wasn't a bad deal when he signed with the team.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, in writing the site's most recent article about who might have been the worst free agent signing ever, I ran across an old article. It was when guard Adam Snyder was signed to a free agent deal -- five years and $17.5 million. Looking back, we all consider that to be one of the worst signings the Cardinals have made. He was not good and was cut just one year into his deal.

However, fans didn't see it as a bad deal initially.

42 percent thought the contract was a good deal and 45 percent believed it was at least okay.

87 percent of the votes showed we were good with the deal.

He ended up being very bad, although he was banged up for much of the year and ended up having to play center after two other centers landed on injured reserve.

Look back is a little bit funny, isn't it?