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2016 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals excited for second round pick

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It's not every year you get a player who has already been to the Pro Bowl.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals did not make a selection on Friday with a second round pick, but they sure are excited about the player they got for it.

General manager Steve Keim joked about it after Day 2 of the NFL Draft on Friday. "Coach (Bruce Arians) and I and Michael (Bidwill), we've never been so excited about a second round pick -- a Pro Bowler with 12.5 sacks," he said.

That was, of course, in reference to pass rusher Chandler Jones, whom they acquired last month in a trade with the New England Patriots in exchange for their second round pick in this year's draft.

Arizona did miss out on a lot of players because they used the pick to get Jones, but they were not likely to get anyone -- especially as a pass rusher

Bruce Arians knew entering the draft he was going to be okay with no second round pick. "Just write Chandler Jones on the board and you're happy as hell," he said to the media previous to the draft.

So they are "very, very excited" about what Jones brings to the table. Double digit sacks? That's more than any second round rookie would get. I guess Cardinals fans should be excited, too.