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Tyrann Mathieu going vegan, still has no off-field endorsement deals

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The future face of the franchise still only a football face.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu soon could be the face of the franchise. However, that has not been able to cash in on his popularity yet. So far, his stardom is still only limited to a football salary and no endorsement deals.

Mathieu is super active about responding to fans on social media. A few days ago, he revealed he still has not gotten any endorsement deals, questioning whether it might be partly because of his Twitter activity.

It likely has to do as well with his checkered past while in college. It is odd, though. You would think at least here locally someone would jump on and have him pitch their product.

In unrelated Twitter activity, we also learn that Mathieu, despite being a football player, is moving to a vegan lifestyle.

He tweeted he is about 90 percent vegan these days, working on the transition.

This is an interesting tidbit during the slower part of the offseason. I wouldn't think being a vegan is very compatible with a football diet.

So there you have it. Ty is a vegan and still can't get endorsement deals.