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Tyrann Mathieu healing 'like Wolverine', says Larry Fitzgerald

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The star receiver expects big things out of the Badger.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald threw out the first pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks in their season opener on Monday. He also answered a few questions from reporters. He was asked about some of his teammates. One such question asked about safety Tyrann Mathieu and his recovery.

According to Fitz, his teammate is a bit of a mutant, making an X-Men reference.

They're having to hold him back (in his rehab)," he said to reporters (via NBC Sports 1060's Ed Cole). " he heals like Wolverine."

Mathieu is making progress and many are optimistic he will be able to go in training camp.

The team, though, has put itself in a position where they don't have to rush him. They signed Tyvon Branch, who is a versatile safety. He takes over Rashad Johnson's spot, but he also plays well in the slot. Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger are still in the mix.

Mathieu might be like Wolverine, but Arizona will not rush him. He has said he will not rush himself either. But he is pleased with his progress.

If he comes back just as dominant as he was last season, maybe the Honey Badger isn't enough. Maybe he should be called Wolverine.