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Tyrann Mathieu's newest knee injury hurt his feelings, before he would have 'smoked so much marijuana'

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The knee popped on a play he had made a ton of times.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a bit of a buzz with Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu, especially after a video interview he did with CBS Sports' Pete Prisco. Without saying exactly what others have said, he opens the door to his soul a bit more and it is hard not to like him as a player and a person even more. With a few articles, I will share bits and pieces of the interview worth discussing individually.

First we start with his reaction to his second ACL tear, the one he suffered at the end of the game in Philadelphia. The injury was very hard for him for a few reasons. One was his inability to help the team in the postseason, which ended with a very disappointing loss in Carolina for the second year in a row.

"Not being able to help, it was gut-wrenching, it was critical," he explained. And he knew exactly what happened when he tore it. "I absolutely felt that pop and anybody that has torn their ACL before, they know what that pop feels like."

What makes it worse is it wasn't anything different than what he had been doing on a daily basis.

"Me catching the ball and planting, trying to go in the opposite direction at the very same time, I've done that over and over again in practice," he said, noting twice it was a play he would make "every day."

"Then to have it give out on me in a Sunday night game when the world is watching, it hurt my feelings," he said.

He was asked what would have happened if he had gotten hurt back in his dark days at LSU.

"I probably would have smoked so much marijuana I would forget about it all," he said. "Nowadays, that's not my escape anymore. I want to handle things head on."

Now he is working hard -- amazingly hard -- to come back. He has overcome the hurt feelings his luck brought him and he is confident he will be even better than before.

I've got more on that a little later.