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2016 NFL Draft: The latest rumors on the NFL Draft Breakdown podcast

Seth Cox, Justin Higdon and Jeff Risdon talk rumors.

What are the latest whispers and rumors floating around the 2016 NFL Draft? Seth Cox, Justin Higdon and guest Jeff Risdon get together for a new show of the NFL Draft Breakdown podcast to talk about them.

What are they hearing?

We learn about Paxton Lynch and some nightlife "problems" that could cause concerns.

Defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche perhaps has issues that could keep him away from California teams .

Could the Eagles or Cowboys trade up for a QB?

Why would the Browns even think of drafting a quarterback? They already have RG3. Is it just smokescreen to get someone to trade up for a quarterback and allow the Browns to get Jalen Ramsey?

Could Will Fuller be the first receiver off the board because of his speed?

Will Mackensie Alexander end up dropping out of the first round? It seems he is too short, to stiff and has chronic hamstring issues.

They talk about Myles Jack again and the crazy expectations draft guys have for him. He is getting comps like "a faster Ray Lewis." So he is going to be even better than perhaps the best linebacker of all time? Yikes on thos expectations.

Listen to the show and comment on the topics here below.