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Arizona Cardinals have best game of 2015, 3 of top 20 of season

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When you go 13-3 and win a thrilling playoff game, it makes sense.

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2015 was a special season for the Arizona Cardinals. We know that. They went 13-3 and won a playoff game. They set team record after team record and had some thrilling games.

According to an ranking of the best games of last season, the Cardinals had the best game of the year and two others that made the top 20.

Which was the best game? That would be the thrilling playoff overtime victory the Cardinals had against the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers pulled off his second Hail Mary of the season to tie with the Cardinals in the final seconds of regulation in the NFC Divisional Round … only to set up Larry Fitzgerald for an unforgettable overtime performance.

It is hard to argue that. You had a crazy ending to regulation with just absolutely fantastic throws. Then when it looked like all the wind was gone from Arizona's saisl, Larry Fitzgerald brings his postseason magic and then Bruce Arians calls a play he hadn't called all season.

There were two other top games.

One was the 39-32 win in Seattle on Sunday Night Football. It was listed as the 12th-best game.

Arizona jumped out to a surprising lead in Seattle, but the Seahawks defense and Russell Wilson fought back to take the lead in a heated NFC West showdown. Relegated from future breakout star to role player, Andre Ellington made his mark on this game and the Cardinals' season ... as well as Drew Stanton's dancing resume.

For me, it was the best and most important win of the regular season. It set the tone for the second half of the year.

The third game is a Cardinals losss. It was the bottom of the top 20, the breakout game against Arizona by Todd Gurley.

The Rams were facing an uphill battle going into Arizona against an undefeated Cardinals squad, but Todd Gurley put the football world on notice with a performance for the ages -- in his first NFL start.

I would rather forget that game, but it was a good one if you look at it from the big picture.

Other games that could have been considered? Their win over Cincinnati, or even the Monday night win over Baltimore, or the win over the Vikings.

Did the story get the rankings rought?