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2016 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals slip behind Seattle Seahawks after NFL Draft

ESPN ranks the teams again in the offseason.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Power rankings shouldn't bother us, but they do. And this set of power rankings released by ESPN recently should have Arizona Cardinals fans a bit perplexed. They dropped in the rankings, but the explanation doesn't really match.

The most recent power rankings consider the picks each team made in the 2016 NFL Draft. New England sits atop the power rankings, despite the upcoming four-game suspension of Tom Brady.

Arizona slipped from third to fifth, but the explanation seems rather glowing, making the Cards seems like the best team in the league.

How are they not No. 1? What's not to like here? Just because Carson Palmer is 36 and went Full Delhomme in the NFC Championship Game doesn't change the fact that no team is both deeper and better coached. Underestimate now, but don't act all shocked in September when you look up and no one can cover all of their receivers.

So are they not the best team? Why are they fifth? They are behind the Pats, the Panthers, the Packers...and the Seahawks. So the Cards are deeper and better coached. No one can cover their receivers. That makes them fifth?

But look at the Seattle blurb. It doesn't exude confidence. It alludes to magic. There's no real magic in football...or is there? Maybe Russell Wilson is a wizard.

Using three of your 10 draft picks on running backs doesn't scream, "We're sold on Thomas Rawls!" and it's hard to see how Russell Wilson can thrive behind this offensive line. But they didn't have Marshawn Lynch or a line last year, either, and Wilson led the league in passer rating because he's the NFL's Harry Potter.

These rankings are meaningless, but it still makes your blood boil. Yes, the Cardinals are near the top, which is truly something to enjoy, but they should be higher, shouldn't they?

Fire up the torches, bring out the pitchforks. Let's go after this unnamed writer!