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Is Jerraud Powers asking for too much money?

It sounds like the Cardinals and Powers are on two different pages.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an interesting offseason for cornerback Jerraud Powers. He is still a free agent, although he has gotten an offer from the New York Giants and he has visited with the Cardinals since then.

So what is the holdup?

The Cardinals would probably like to add a veteran corner, but they have not yet.

Powers would make sense on multiple levels. he knows the defense. He is versatile. He is a leader and he has performed.

Apparently, the money is the issue.

General manager Steve Keim was a guest on the Big Red rage discussing things after the NFL and he was asked about a possible return of Jerraud Powers.

"He was a guy we had talked to quite a bit this offseason, and I think he's at a point where he just wants to do what's best for him and his family," Keim explained. "It's one of those situations where it takes two sides, but I will never rule out the possibility of anyone returning."

Translation: Powers wants to get as big a contract as he can and the Cardinals are offering something much less than what he thinks he can get. With the "it takes two sides" comment, that means he isn't willing, at least right now, to settle for what would be a low offer in a diminished role.

Things obviously can change. As training camp gets closer, Powers might not find a better offer. And if the Cardinals have not added a vet at corner, he very well could return. Until then, it sounds like the team and Powers are not close in what they want.