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Roy Green Ring of Honor press conference highlights

One of the best athletes we might have barely seen.

The Arizona Cardinals made the report official on Wednesday. Roy Green will enter the Ring of Honor on October 2 when the team hosts the Los Angeles Rams. You can see the video of the press conference above, coming from the team's livestream channel.

Here are some of the highlights from the announcement.

Green has known about this for a few weeks, but never had any idea it was going to happen before then. When he was called down to "the offices," he was a little worried because "that was never a good thing" when he was a player.

He said he "bawled like a baby" when he found out and called the honor "overwhelming."

He called one of his greatest accomplishments being able to play on offense, defense and special teams full-time for a season and a half, especially when he was told he couldn't do it. The only breaks he got in some games were on extra point attempts. But that wasn't what he was most proud of. He was most proud of being told he was considered a great teammate.

His youngest daughter's favorite player is Larry Fitzgerald and, as Green said, "she can't even relate to the fact" Green was Fitz years ago. But now he will be able to point up into the rafters and show her his name is there.

He was asked if he tells his daughter he used to do what Fitz does now. Green answered, "yes, but I tell (Fitz) more than I tell her."

"It's very special to me to have a lineage there in St. Louis and being part of the first National Football League team here in Arizona to know that as long as football is played here that my name is going to be in the rafters there," Green said.

A conversation Green had with team president Michael Bidwill stood out to him. It happened when both were working to get interest in the stadium that was to be voted on. Bidwill told Green if they got the stadium, "everything would change." They would be able to be competitive and would be winners. That has happened.

Bidwill said there are many great athletes in the Ring of Honor, "but there are few who were as dynamic as Roy Green."

Green told about the relationship he has had with Michael Bidwill and his sister Nicole. Green says he taught her to play gin rummy when she was 11, but he wondered why he never won. He suspects she already knew how to play. He joked he think he bought basically bought her first car for her with the money he lost.

Green spoke of the time when he acted as his own agent and he went in to Bill Bidwill asking for a raise. Bidwill told him he was already overpaid.

It is great to see the team reaching back into its history to honor players who deserve recognition. Who will be next? Neil Lomax? Larry Centers?