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Dwight Freeney wants to play for a winning team

He believes Arizona would be a good fit.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran free agent pass rusher Dwight Freeney is still waiting for the call for a team who wants to sign him. After signing with the Arizona Cardinals last season during the season and collecting eight sacks, he wants to keep playing. In a video interview on ESPN, he said he believes he has a couple of years left to give to a team in the league.

"When you're as old as me, not old in life, but old in football, those teams kind of want to figure out what they've got," he said. He knows teams "are going to take their time."

He wants to play, "hopefully for the right team."

The right team means a team who can win.

"Arizona would be a great team," he explained. "Obviously I have some ties there, but if it doesn't work out here, it could be anywhere. It just depends. It has to be a winning team. I'm used to winning."

Baltimore has been mentioned as a possible landing spot. The Cardinals might have interest, but later one after they see what their younger players have to offer.

Freeney doesn't enjoy the waiting.

Physically, getting signed later and avoiding training camp was nice, but he said the mental anxiety wasn't good. So he would prefer to get signed earlier rather than later.

Arizona's outside linebacker room is full right now. They added Chandler Jones. They still have Markus Golden, Alex Okafor and Kareem Martin. They added Tristan Okpalaugo. They still have Shaq Riddick and Zach Wagenmann. If Arizona brings him back, it will be closer to training camp or later, when they know if these younger guys can produce.