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2016 NFL odds: Best odds for Arizona Cardinals is only 9-10 wins in 2016

But 11 wins isn't much higher.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Football and Vegas go together when it comes to money. People love to bet on the NFL. If you are looking for another way to play, Wager Talk has odds on exact win totals for teams. As opposed to the standard over/under, you can place a bet based on the exact number of wins you think a team will have.

The Cardinals are given the best odds to win nine or 10 games. Both nine and 10 are given 9/2 odds. But betting on 11 is not much higher -- 5/1.

The Seattle Seahawks are expected to better, according to Vegas odds. Winning 10 or 11 games is given 9/2 odds, while 12 is 5/1.

The Green Bay Packers have 9/2 odds for 10 wins, 4/1 for 11 and 6/1 for 12 wins.

If you were going to place a wager on exact win totals, what would be that number? Nine? 10? 11? Or would you go with the field -- any other number?