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NFL Top 100: Calais Campbell disrupts way to No. 71

The two-time Pro Bowler moves up more than 20 spots.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Top 100 finally features an Arizona Cardinals player. Defensive tackle Calais Campbell is the first on the team to be featured.  He comes in at No. 71 after appearing last year for the first time ranked 99.

The common theme in the video featuring him was his size and ability to disrupt plays.

Who spoke about him? Opposing offensive players.

Jacksonville's Kelvin Beachum, who faced Campbell as a member of the Steelers, called Campbell "a large man."

"For a big guy, he does a great job of hustling and disrupting plays," he said. "When a big guy is hustling down the field, bad things happen for little guys carrying the ball."

Former teammate and current Bengals tackle Eric Winston mentioned how quickly Campbell can get his hands on an offensive lineman, which "causes a lot of problems."

Winston's teammate, left tackle Andre Whitworth, said Campbell is really tough on guards because many "just don't have the reach."

Campbell has made two straight Pro Bowls. He clearly has gained respect in the league. As a team captain, he has the respect of his teammates.

What is next for Campbell? Fans, coaches and Campbell himself would love to see more domination. Maybe he can crack the top 50 in a year.