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Arizona Cardinals reportedly not among teams putting waiver claim in for Zach Mettenberger

Despite fan and media buzz, the team did not really want him.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some big Zach Mettenberger proponents among Arizona Cardinals fans, and those fans got excited when the Tennessee Titans waived him on Monday. He ended up landing with his former head coach, as Mettenberger was awarded on a waiver claim to the San Diego Chargers, where Ken Whisenhunt is offensive coordinator.

San Diego was not the only team to place a claim on him. Reportedly there were two other teams -- neither were the Arizona Cardinals. According to ESPN's Field Yates, the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants also placed waiver claims.

A local media member said the Cardinals would have considering placing a waiver claim on him had he "fallen" to 30th. However, that isn't how the waiver system works. It isn't like the draft where teams are on the clock. In the 24 hour window after a player is waived, all teams place a claim on him. The one team highest in the claim order (it is based on last year's record -- essentially the NFL Draft order) is awarded the claim. There is no "falling". Arizona is 30th on the waiver claim list, meaning they only are awarded a player if the 29 other teams did not make a claim.

Perhaps the Cardinals knew there would be teams who would place claims and so they just didn't. However, based on the lack of a claim, this should tell us all the interest level the Cardinals had in the former sixth round pick -- there wasn't any.