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2016 NFL Draft grades: PFF does not give Arizona Cardinals high marks

They give the Cardinals the lowest grade in the NFC West.

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The general feeling leaving the NFL Draft was the Arizona Cardinals did a solid job. Not everyone feels that way. In fact, the Cardinals get the lowest grade in the NFC West, according to Pro Football Focus. The analytics site graded every team, of course basing it on their own numbers and how they see the players fitting in.

They gave the Cardinals a C-.

Day 1: Nkemdiche has interior pass-rush potential after grading at +23.4 as a rusher, ninth in the class. He's not great against the run, but if he can line up over tight ends on early downs before kicking inside to rush the passer, the Cardinals can maximize his value.

Day 2: A pure projection pick, Williams is an athletic former running back who graded at -5.5 overall last season, 117th in among the cornerbacks in the draft class. His production simply didn't match his athletic reputation.

Day 3: Boehm struggled in pass protection as his -7.9 grade ranked 57th among 63 qualifiers in the class. Arizona rounded out the class with two small-schoolers who struggled at the Senior Bowl in Toner (-2.6) and Miller (-1.0).

Boehm gets lower grades than one might expect. He seemed to be the most solid of all the picks. Nkemdiche has the highest upside, while the other picks are athletic but aren't expected to do as much.

Do you agree with PFF's grade?