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Is a Matt Leinart jersey the most embarrassing one an Arizona Cardinals fan can wear?

Many of us have a jersey we don't want wear in public anymore.

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We all have jerseys of our team. Many of us probably at some point have collected a jersey of a player we probably don't want to wear in public anymore. It would be embarrassing to wear.

But let's think of whose jersey would be the most embarrassing to wear. USA Today's Steven Ruiz had an article giving the most embarrassing jerseys to own for all 32 teams.

For fans of the Arizona Cardinals, the article believes Matt Leinart's jersey is that one.

There are some others, but is Leinart the worst?

It might be.

He was supposed to be the quarterback of the future. He lost his job to Derek Anderson and then openly questioned the head coach. That got him cut. He never amounted to anything in the league.

There are some others who could fall under this category.

  • Wendall Bryant (one of the biggest draft busts ever)
  • Levi Brown (perhaps the most hated player in recent years)
  • Daryl Washington (shameful)
  • Derek Anderson (who can forget the meltdown?)
  • Kevin Kolb (Oh, that trade)

What do you think?