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Only death will keep D.J. Humphries from starting at right tackle in 2016

That seems a bit extreme.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are counting on 2015 first round pick D.J. Humphries to be the starter at right tackle this season. He's not planning on letting anyone else take the job from him. He gets a bit extreme in his not wanting to lose the job.

"You're going to have to pry my hands off this," the Arizona Cardinals second-year offensive lineman said via ESPN. "You're going to have to kill me. You're going to have to kill me for this one."

That's good to hear after the season he had as a rookie.

A first round pick a year ago, he earned the nickname "knee deep" because of the lack of motivation and his immaturity.

Humphries isn't proud if of it. He didn't like it and now he uses it as motivation.

"I told (head coach Bruce Arians) in an exit meeting, he burned a pit in my chest and made me a different kind of person," Humphries said via AZCentral. "It humbled me and tricked my brain back into (thinking), ‘You're a pup. You have to earn it right now.' "

For Humphries, failing is not an option. And it isn't really an option for the Cardinals. If he can't handle it, they have no proven player behind him. They would have to quickly find a veteran to replace him and that would probably come when it is too late for that player to really learn the offense.

So if Humphries is saying there's no way to take his job away, let's keep it that way.