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NFC West Roster Breakdown: Quarterbacks

It's that time of year where Minicamps and OTA's are coming to a close in the next week or two. After that we're dead until the final weeks of July or early August

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals offseason workouts are coming to a close in a week. We enter the dead period of the offseason shortly afterwards. This is where all the lists, ranking teams from top to bottom, grading their depth and not their starters all come out. So, I figured, why not start early?

I tend to do these kinds of articles in July, one position group a week, but I tend to run out of time and have to do two in one week. I usually invite members from our rival blogs to join in on the conversation so let's keep it friendly in the comments below. So without further ado, let's examine each teams Quarterback room!

Arizona Cardinals:

Name Age Experience
Carson Palmer 36 14
Drew Stanton 32 10
Matt Barkley 25 4
Jake Coker 23 R

So we all know our situation. We have a proven starter who has done well in the three seasons he has been in Arizona. This past offseason many are questioning Palmer's ability to win a big game, due in no small part to his, and the whole teams, Jake Delhomme style meltdown in the NFC Championship game.

We have a viable backup in Drew Stanton who filled in admirably in 2014 when Palmer went down with a knee injury. The Cardinals re-signed him to a one year deal, leaving them very little breathing room starting in 2017.

At three we have Matt Barkley who has yet to throw a touchdown in 49 career pass attempts, but has also thrown four interceptions in that span. He's an unproven commodity who the Cardinals gave up their seventh round selection. (That pick was subsequently traded to the Browns for Scooby Wright III).

Our fourth guy is a player who likely will not make the roster. Not with his long release especially. Jake Coker is merely here as a camp arm, and unless he surprises everyone in Camp and Preseason, he will only be here until the third preseason game, and the team will give Barkley all of game #4 to show his worth.

Seattle Seahawks:

Name Age Experience
Russell Wilson 27 5
Jake Heaps 24 1
Trevone Boykin 22 R

Behind Wilson, the Seahawks are in a little trouble. Now I doubt this is the trio the team goes into the season with, Tavaris Jackson is still on the market and he's a guy that always finds his way back to Seattle.

It's my honest opinion, (And should be most everyone's as well), that Wilson is the best Quarterback in the Division. He's been to two superbowls in five years, been close on several occasions, and have made the postseason with him every year.

San Francisco 49ers:

Name Age Experience
Colin Kaepernick 28 6
Blaine Gabbert 26 6
Thad Lewis 28 4
Jeff Driskel 23 R

Is there any team in the West with a worse situation? Kaepernick was on the trade block for a good portion of the offseason, but the team could not cut him loose due to his cap number. Gabbert is a journeyman QB and showed some potential, so he will see if he can develop with a new Head Coach in Chip Kelly.

Behind both is Thad Lewis who has not played in a regular season game since 2013, where he threw for 1000 yards, four scores, and three picks. He was also sacked a staggering 18 times in six games.

Jeff Driskel is a sixth round pick from this past draft who transferred from Florida to Louisiana Tech. He was a top prospect for colleges coming out of High School, but many analysts did not see much growth from him during his college tenure. Can he grow at the next level? That's up to Chip Kelly. For now, Driskel is likely a Practice Squad guy, unless someone sees something out of him in the Preseason.

Los Angeles Rams:

Name Age Experience
Jared Goff 21 R
Nick Foles 27 5
Case Keenum 28 5
Sean Mannion 24 2

Jared Goff is their man for the future. After trading with the Tennessee Titans for the first overall pick, Goff had to know he was their pick. He'll have his growing pains, obviously, but with a back like Todd Gurley to lean on, that should help ease some of those pains. I'm personally not too high on him, but I like to be wrong about players, so here's to hoping. (Outside of the two games a year against AZ)

Nick Foles is likely on his way out of St... I mean Los Angeles. He carries an eight million dollar cap hit, but also a nine million dollar dead money hit. The Rams really have no choice but to try to trade Foles, or sustain that cap hit for the 2016 season. He's technically under contract through 2017, but that year is a club option, and a 13 million dollar cap hit.

Case Keenum has played in his fair share of games. He and Foles bounced between starts in 2016. Keenum could very well be the teams #2 this season, relegating Foles and his eight million dollar contract to scout team duties.

Sean Mannion could be the odd man out for 2016. The Rams expressed their excitement in him last month, but does the team surrender nine million dollars in cap space for a young player who many graded down based on his arm strength? We shall see.

All in all, if I had to grade the teams based on their starting Quarterback, the Seahawks would win out. Wilson is easily the best Quarterback in the west, with Palmer right behind him, Goff third, and Kapernick/Gabbert trailing the pack.

What about you? Where do you place each team in order? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to debate with out NFCW rivals.