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Bruce Arians ranked behind Pete Carroll among best coaches in NFL

A Seahawk is ahead of a Cardinal again.

NFL: NFC Championship-Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is here with all its glory -- lists and rankings and everything. It is the time of year when the NFL coaches are ranked from worst to first by USA Today. Steven Ruiz gave Bruce Arians some respect, but not quite enough to make all Arizona Cardinals fans happy.

Arians comes in third.

Is there a more aggressive coach in the league? Arians isn’t jumping on the dink-and-dunk trend most NFL offenses are now favoring. The Cardinals offense is going to attack defenses downfield and do it relentlessly. And that mindset has carried over to the defense. No team captures the personality of its coach more than Arizona. Arians also produces results. His teams have never won fewer than nine games, and that includes his 12-game stint as the Colts interim coach, when Indianapolis went 9-3.

And to think no one wanted him as their head coach before 2013, even when he had had great success as a position coach and coordinator.

Third is a great rankings. He does, though, come in behind Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll.

Belichick is understandable. Some might consider him the best coach of all time.

Carroll has done a lot, but some fans might not like having Arians behind him. After all, it would just be something else where something or someone Seahawks is ranked ahead of someone or something Cardinals.

In this case, it makes sense. Carroll has had more success for longer.

What do you think? Is BA ranked where he should be?