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Arizona Cardinals use Michael Bidwill's experience in judging character

The team president is a former federal prosecutor and is very involved in the draft process.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Some owners stay out of the way. Others, like Jerry Jones, are the general manager and make all the moves. Sometimes owners get in the way and meddle. Then you have the Arizona Cardinals with an owner with a specific skill set that makes him valuable in the evaluation process.

Team president Michael Bidwill is a former federal prosecutor and he gets involved in the process for character issues. He is part of the interview process at the NFL Combine and in other interviews.

When there is ever a character question, the Cardinals turn the player over to Bidwill and have him speak to him.

"Michael is a former federal prosecutor," Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said to MMQB, "and so his BS-meter is pretty good. Sometimes we'll be at the Combine and we'll interview a guy who's had some problems in college, and the scouts will say, ‘Well, he sounds pretty good,' and Michael will say, ‘Oh, he's full of crap. Don't trust him.'"

The Cardinals, because of drafting Tyrann Mathieu and Nkemdiche, now have the reputation of being a team who will take chances on kids with character issues. That isn't exactly true. They will take chances on certain people who have had character issues. And if they think they might want to, they have Bidwill to help them make the final call for two reasons -- one, because he has the skill to call someone's bluff and two, because he's the boss ultimately anyway.