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2016 NFL Draft grades: Who is your favorite Arizona Cardinals pick?

Cats your vote for the pick you like the best

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

We are starting to see draft grades, which are popular, and which also drive some people nuts. But this post is to have you vote on which is your favorite pick in the Arizona Cardinals draft.

The picks were:

DT Robert Nkemdiche
CB Brandon Williams
C Evan Boehm
S Marqui Christian
G Cole Toner
CB Harlan Miller

You can use whatever criteria you want to vote for your favorite -- after all, it is your favorite.

For me, I love the Nkemdiche pick. He was the guy going into the draft I hoped they would get. I think he is the perfect mix of impact now and long term. I think he will be a special player -- someone with the impact of Darnell Dockett.

But I know some people love the Boehm pick and others will be intrigued with the Williams pick.

Make your pick and explain in the comments why the player is your favorite.