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2016 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals atop the league after draft

Let's look at the perception of the Cardinals after a pretty good draft.

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Well, with the offseason in full swing, it would seem like power rankings would go away. But since there have been two big offseason events in free agency and the 2016 NFL Draft, it is the perfect time to analyze the current state of each team and try to get an idea as to where each of them stands in relationship to the rest of the league.

USA Today released post-draft power rankings, and guess what? The Arizona Cardinals sit atop the list, meaning they appear to be the best team in the league right now.

Arizona might not look like the typical preseason favorite, but the Cardinals appear to have the most-rounded team at this point in the  year.

They are ahead of the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

Well-rounded is a good way to describe the Cardinals. We know of the offense, and the offensive line appears to be better.  The defense appears to have gotten better. It will be an exciting season as fans.

The great part of this ranking is how it illustrates just how far the franchise has come in three years. They now are legitimately considered one of the best teams in the NFL.

Things can always change in a hurry, but this is relatively new territory for Cardinals fans. You mean the whole country expects the Cardinals to be great? Incredible!