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Arizona Cardinals rookie class gets uniform numbers

Who gets which number?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals beginning their rookie mini-camp this weekend, the rookie class needs jersey numbers. They have been assigned. Some numbers will bring back memories. Others might not. Let's take a look at the newly assigned numbers.

Draft picks:

First round pick Robert Nkemdiche: No. 90

He looks like Darnell Dockett, sounds like Darnell Dockett. Now go play like Dockett, but be a little better. After all, Bruce Arians said he was "a little bigger, a little faster, a little stronger" than the original 9-0.

Third round pick Brandon Williams: No. 26

Rashad Johnson wore this number. Justin Bethel wore it in college and still has the number in his Twitter handle. Williams seems a bit Bethel-like to start his career.

Fourth round pick Evan Boehm: No. 70

Bobby Massie wore this number. Hopefully Boehm doesn't decide to drive to the Cardinals facility drunk at 3 AM and try to pick up Super Bowl tickets.

Fifth round pick Marqui Christian: No. 25

Safety Kerry Rhodes wore this number. We wouldn't mind if Christian could be like him.

Fifth round pick Cole Toner: No. 61

Jonathan Cooper last wore this number, so it is a number representing disappointment. Luckily, it is hard for a fifth round compensatory pick to disappoint.

Sixth round pick Harlan Miller: No. 34

That's a running back number, right? It has been worn by other DBs, but we'll see.


RB Jared Baker: No. 45O

He wears the same number as someone else. That doesn't bode well, and it isn't a number of anyone we can really remember the last 30 years.

WR BoBo Beathard: No. 82

Nope, he isn't a long snapper.

CB Elie Bouka: No. 30D

He wears Stepfan Taylor's number. The team is really excited about him, so maybe his number will be changing, because if it doesn't, it means he is likely not on the team.

LS Kameron Canaday: No. 86

A tight end number for a long snapper. Mike Leach would approve.

WR Amir Carlisle: No. 81

Anquan Boldin? Oh, no. This guy is a lot smaller.

QB Jake Coker: No. 6

Bruce Arians said he has moxie. It is appropriate he wears the number another undrafted rookie QB with a lot of moxie wore (Max Hall). Let's hope Coker's moxie comes with durability, arm strength, talent and doesn't come with the taste for his last name minus the final letter.

T Clay DeBord: No. 62

He should be glad he doesn't wear No. 75. That number hasn't worked out for anyone, even the guys to wear it for many years.

LS Daniel Dillon: No. 48

S Matthias Farley: No. 33D

He is Kerwynn Williams on defense.

CB Trevon Hartfield: No. 31D

Another duplicate number. Antonio Cromartie and Justin Bethel have both worn it and been to the Pro Bowl wearing it for the Cardinals. That's a good sign, right?

WR Chris King: No. 18

This is the official undrafted receiver number -- Max Komar, Stephen Williams and Kerry Taylor.

LB Lamar Louis: No. 52

Another Lamar (actually a LaMarr -- Woodley) wore it last season.

T Givens Price: No. 63

I guess this means no more Lyle Sendlein. They didn't assign his number away last year, I don't think.

P Garrett Swanson: No. 1

He's a punter, not a kicker. Neil Rackers wore No. 1.

TE Hakeem Valles: No. 89

CB Ronald Zamort: 38D

Bad sign for the kid. He has Andre Ellington's number.