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Robert Nkemdiche dominates a little too much in rookie camp

Bruce Arians has to slow him down.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There was quite the buzz coming out of Arizona Cardinals rookie mini-camp on Friday. First round pick Robert Nkemdiche dominated. He should of course dominate, as he was practicing with fellow rookie draft picks, undrafted rookies, tryout players and guys who are not technically are rookies, but do not yet have a year of service accrued.

Several reporters tweeted about it, and it is written abouton coach Bruce Arians joked about it after practice.

"He was killing people in walkthrough and I had to slow him down," he said. "It's a walkthrough and he's bench-pressing linemen already."

Arians also mentioned he threatened Nkemdiche with fines. "We had to have a little (talk)," Arians said. " ‘If I get fined it's coming out of your check.' He slowed down all of a sudden."

For Nkemdiche, it was finally a chance to get back to football after all the draft process and having to talk about things he did off the field.

He lined up as a left defensive tackle in practice -- the position opposite Calais Campbell.

Arians has said many times how he would rather have to tell a guy "whoa" than to have to tell him "sick'em."

The next step is to see this dominance carry over into OTAs, mini-camp and training camp. When he is going up against other NFL talent and not just rookies, then it is time to get a little excited.