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NFL predictions: Could Chris Johnson start over David Johnson?

One ESPN writer predicts this will be the case.

Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tuesday marked the beginning of a 100-day countdown until the 2016 regular season opener. It is not yet 100 days until the Arizona Cardinals open the season at home against the New England Patriots, but ESPN put together 100 predictions for the 2016 NFL season.

There are a couple worth discussing here on the site because they involve our Arizona Cardinals.

We will focus on one from ESPN's Cardinals beat writer, Josh Weinfuss. He predict this:

Even though Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has said RB David Johnson will be the team's bell cow, veteran Chris Johnson will claim the starting job. They'll continue to pair together for a dynamic "thunder and lightning" backfield, but CJ2K's experience will win him the job.

This seems interesting.

I can see Chris Johnson being the starter, but if he is the starter, I would think he would get more carries.

However, the general feeling has been David Johnson earned the starting job and to be the bell cow, as they say in football.

Chris Johnson, though, was effective last year when he played. And being a veteran, his presence on the field is respected by his teammates and also opposing teams.

It comes down to this, though. It seems unlikely the guy who is the "starter" will get less carries. That's just not how Bruce Arians does things with running backs. If Chris Johnson is on the field, it is generally to run the ball. It's what he does. David Johnson is a threat in the running and the passing game.

The likely scenario is David is the starter and Chris gives him a breather and also is the back for bigger bunch sets with two tight ends.

Could Chris Johnson win the starting job? Certainly. But if he starts, he would probably get the biggest workload.