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Stats for 92 days until the Arizona Cardinals season opener

The number 92 has some good history with the Arizona Cardinals. Let's look at some of the stats.

There are 92 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the regular season on Sunday Night Football against the New England Patriots. What are some stats from the Arizona Cardinals history books on the number 92?

  • Quarterback Timm Rosenbach had 92 passing attempts in 1992.
  • The immortal Ike Peterson had 92 passing yards in 1935 and for his career.
  • Neil Lomax had two seasons with a passer rating of 92. In 1983 Lomax had a 92 and in 1984 he had a passer rating of 92.5.
  • Dave Mann had 92 yards rushing in 1957.
  • Sam McGee had 92 career rushing attempts for the Cardinals, from 1938 to 1939. He finished his career with 311 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns.
  • Terrance Flagler rushed for 92 yards in his Cardinals career which spanned 20 games from 1990 to 1991.
  • Steve Breaston had 92 yards receiving in his rookie season in 2007 for the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Bill Smith had 92 career receptions for the Cardinals from 1934-1939.
  • Roger Wehrli had 92 punt return yards for the Cardinals in 1973.
  • Johnny Butler in 1944, Billy Gambrell in 1964 and Pat Harder in 1946 all had 92 kickoff return yards for the Cardinals.
  • In 1955 Leo Sanford had an interception return for a touchdown covering 92 yards.

Any other “92” stats?