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Peterson says Cardinals "owe" Panthers this year

After two consecutive playoff losses to the Panthers, the Cardinals owe some payback to Carolina.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

One thing we have come to learn about the Arizona Cardinals under Bruce Arians is, they won't back down from a challenge. That challenge for the Arizona Cardinals over the last two seasons has come in the form of the Carolina Panthers.

"We owe ’em," Patrick Peterson told Arizona Sports Doug and Wolf morning show. "We owe those guys. The first time they got us without our best shot, the second time they got us with us fully-loaded." Obviously the first shot Peterson is referring too is the Ryan Lindley playoff fiasco.

Last year though, that was different. That was an Arizona team that was supposed to compete, and instead, after falling behind early, they seemed to roll over. Peterson and company know that the NFC still goes through Carolina, especially for Arizona, where their season has ended two years in a row.

Peterson and the Cardinals aren't scared though, they welcome the next chapter against Carolina as he told Doug and Wolf "I believe we’re a much better all-around football team than we were last year, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us."

That's the mentality of this team, that's the mentality of this organization now. They understand a fight is coming and they'd rather not avoid it, instead they want to load up and give themselves their best shot at winning this fight.