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Best from Revenge of the Birds

What were the best comments from the week?

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While Jess and the staff bring the information about the Arizona Cardinals to you, the readers, there are always great comments every week. Here's a look at my favorite comments from the past week.

From user Gungus: PP’s ‘15 and ’16 salaries were not initially guaranteed. They became fully vested when he was on the roster on the 5th day of those respective league years. Here’s the interesting part that could come into play with HB. $5M of PP’s ‘17 salary became fully guaranteed the 5th day of the ’16 league year. This part could be adjusted to fit HB’s injury concern.

Let’s say it’s a 5 year extension for $60M, $12M per year. That would make him the highest paid S and slot CB. And it helps with my math for this discussion. This extension would kick in after the ’16 season and would keep him under contract through ’21. Give him a $10M signing bonus that prorates over the first 5 years, including ’16 and fully guarantee his current $1.5M ’16 salary which is not currently guaranteed but does increase his ’16 cap hit by $2M. This is important later. That puts him at $11.5M in full guarantees so far.

That covers $10M of the new $60M. We have to account for the rest of the $50M. I propose $10M for each of the ‘17, ’18, ’19, ’20 and ’21 seasons for ease of math. How do we structure these so the team has some injury protections. Let’s give him $5M base salaries for each year, fully guaranteeing that for ‘17. That puts him at $16.5m in full guarantees topping Smith’s new deal. The other $5M per year is is roster incentive based. He gets $312.5K every game he’s on the 53 man roster. if he’s IR’d he loses those checks but still get’s paid the base salary that year.

From Cmcinaz:

Hes the Ellington of the WR group

Big play ability off the bench

From Riggodrill:

I look forward to the defense that decides he's too old.

Likely spot on analysis. An offense with a lot of weapons means less for everyone. Combine that with Fitz’s team first mentality, no big deal. He’ll end up being a key factor in many wins and that’s all that matters, winning. At 32 he’s probably rounding the corner but people need to understand men at age 30-31 are physically peaking. The guy takes tremendous care of himself so he’s still a stud and still has great hands. I look forward to another season of watching one of the great receivers do his thing.

From Airwave:

It's really hard to say

Floyd is more of an all-around WR since he can effect the run game with his size and strength. Brown hasn’t been on a Cards roster that wasn’t stacked at WR so how much better would he be with more opportunities?

Either way I would be surprised if they kept both. Since BA is the head coach I would put my money on them keeping Brown over Floyd.

From Rolcards:

2nd in passing 8th in rushing

Now we have an improved O line, better run blocking and better protection for Palmer. I don’t see 1st in passing and 4th in rushing being to much to wish for.

Those were some of my favorite comments from the week. Thank you all for reading and participating to help make Revenge of the Birds the best Cardinals site on the web.