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Chandler Jones is going to get paid

With the contracts being given out to players less accomplished than Jones, the Arizona Cardinals will have to show Jones the love and open up the check book.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chandler Jones is the jewel of the Cardinals off season that includes a perennial Pro Bowl guard and a top five talent from the draft, plus a right tackle that will legitimately be a rookie as opposed to a cornerback who gets treated like one (hi Gungus).

While he is under contract for a meager $8 million in 2016, it is 2017 and beyond that brings a worry.

Jones has accumulated 36 sacks over his first four seasons in the league, good for 12th most in the league in that timeframe.

The issue becomes that Jones will need to be paid in 2017, and that is going to be a big payday.

When you compare Jones play to other edge players he's comes right into the sweet spot of players like Everson Griffen and Julius Peppers, which is right around $10 million a year.

Except that isn't the market anymore. Thanks to teams like the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders, young pass rushers, and even non pass rushers like Bruce Irvin are getting paid.

Olivier Vernon and his 29 sacks were paid a staggering $13 million a year, while Bruce Irvin received $12.5 million a year.

The Arizona Cardinals will have plenty of cap room and there is no position as important as pass rusher, outside of quarterback, but Chandler Jones is going to command quite the payday come 2017 and beyond.

Will the Cardinals be in a position to make that possible?

How much do you think Jones will get paid?