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Carson Palmer's last opponent

Palmer has been brilliant in his time in Arizona, but his last hurdle may be too much to overcome.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

One thing in sports remains undefeated and that is father time. For Carson Palmer, there may be no bigger opponent left to take on.

Through his three seasons Palmer has overcome ineffectiveness and injury through his first two seasons to put up the best numbers of his career in 2016. He also was able to get the playoff monkey off his back, leading the Cardinals to a gritty win over the Green Bay Packers.

Yet, heading into his 13th NFL season, Palmer still has to prove himself, whether that is fair or not, he has to continue to build on his time in Arizona. Palmer has put up ridiculous numbers in Arizona through two and a half healthy seasons, 29-9, 70 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

Those numbers are good enough for the 7th most quarterback wins through the same time, despite the injuries and the slow start to 2013.

Yet, for all the good, the question seems to be whether or not Palmer can lead Arizona to the big one. For me, the question isn't whether or not Palmer can lead AZ to a Super Bowl, it is whether or not father time catches up with Palmer.

Since the inception of the Super Bowl eight teams with a quarterback age 37 or older have made it to the Super Bowl. They were Johnny Unitas, John Elway twice, Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning twice and Tom Brady. Their teams are 5-3 in those games and the word team should be stressed heavily.

That's why the question of time is more important than anything else with regards to Palmer, because history and time are not on Carson Palmer or the Arizona Cardinals side.

Is 2016 the last year for the Cardinals and Carson Palmer?