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Arians has created a dynamic down field attack, PFF takes a closer look

Mike Renner really enjoys Bruce Arians deep passing attack.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that Arizona Cardinals fans love to talk about is the offense that has been run under Bruce Arians and company.

One thing Arians talked about coming into Arizona was taking six deep shots a game. Arians commitment to continue to push the envelope and the ball down the field adores him to fans. One of the main reasons it is adored though is because of how good it is.

Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus had a great look at what makes Bruce Arians, Carson Palmer and the Arizona receiving corps so talented.

What we've known for so long about Arians is his willingness to be aggressive no matter the circumstances. Renner focuses on why it works, and how difficult it can be for a defense to defend.

One issue that Arizona's offense presents is the fact that they have five legitimate receiving threats on the field every down. They can max protect and keep a tight end and a running back into block and it throws the defense off just as much as putting five receivers into routes.

Renner and Pro Football Focus love the Arizona Cardinals offense and his look at it shows why so well.