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Nate Robinson interested in NFL Career... Knows someone in Arizona?

The former NBA point guard is looking to get into the NFL and "knows" someone with Arizona.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's the off season and the conversation needs to continue so every once in a while something that just doesn't make sense comes into the fold. While this story isn't that, it does strike me as odd how the Arizona Cardinals weaved their way into this conversation.

Nate Robinson of NBA fame, mostly for his incredible athleticism to go with fierce competitive attitude and diminutive stature (5-9, 180lbs), is searching for his next adventure at age 32.

Robinson was a very good high school football player who played cornerback at the University of Washington, before quitting after his freshman year. Robinson's basketball career took focus after Rick Neuheisel was fired and he decided working with the new coach would be too difficult.

Where Arizona gets involved is based on a quote from Robinson within the article, where he was asked if he's heard from any NFL teams.

I've heard from a couple of scouts. I talked to a scout from the Seahawks about the possibility of working out. Calls from a couple of other teams -- the Patriots, I know a guy from the Cardinals. So just trying to get my name out to see if I can get a workout. We're definitely going to try to do that once I get back home.

What's interesting the fact that his three teams are... three of the best in the NFL.

I guess the old saying of go big or go home makes sense here.

Woul you be interested in seeing Arizona pursue Nate Robinson?

Apparently Seattle is.