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87 days until the Arizona Cardinals Open the Season

What are some stats that go with the number 87?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There are 87 short days until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the 2016 season. There are also some interesting stats with the number 87 in Cardinals history. Let's take a look.

  • Bobby Joe Conrad in 1961 and Sam Wyche in 1976 each had identical quarterback ratings of 87.5.
  • Lamar McHan in 1957 and John Roach in 1960 each completed 87 passes.
  • Dave Mann in 1955 had 87 carries for 336 yards, four touchdowns and six fumbles. Why did these older guys fumble the ball so much, Gungus, were the footballs different back then?
  • Marshall Goldberg in 1940 had 87 carries for 325 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Steve Breaston had 47 catches on 87 targets for 718 yards and one touchdown in 2010.
  • Steve Jones had 87 career receptions for 629 yards and two touchdowns from 1975 to 1978.
  • Willie West's career long kick return was 87 yards. He didn't score.

Was Ricky Proehl the best Cardinals player to ever don 87? Troy Niklas the prettiest?