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JJ Nelson One to Watch per PFF Fantasy

The Arizona Cardinals have a bevy of skill players who need fantasy football attention, JJ Nelson is one that flies under the radar, until now.

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When it comes to fantasy football, well I am just an avid player, but I do not consider myself any type of expert. I have friends like Matt Harmon, Sigmund Bloom, Rumford Johnny and Reagan Yant, amongst others, who I lean on for their sound fantasy advice. That being said, I do feel that knowing and understanding the Arizona Cardinals gives me some insight into their players and their fantasy value.

So when Pro Football Focus' Daniel Kelley writes a piece on Arizona Cardinals JJ Nelson as a player to keep your eyes on, I am immediately interested into reading the reasoning.

One thing you see about JJ Nelson all the time is that he is a ticking time bomb of a big play, but I fear that Nelson, much like Michael Floyd and John Brown could lack the consistent touches to be more than WR2/3's in fantasy.

Larry Fitzgerald is the most consistent producer of the Cardinals weapons, and I think Carson Palmer is a no brainer when healthy, but Floyd, Brown and Nelson present uniquely different ways of putting up fantasy points in bunches.

If someone were to ask me to rank the Arizona Cardinals fantasy players, I would go:

David Johnson
Carson Palmer
Larry Fitzgerald
Arizona D/ST

This isn't too say that Floyd or Brown would be bad fantasy players, I have owned both in previous years, it is too say that I don't see consistent opportunities to put up big fantasy numbers. If you were to just have a fantasy team with the six players listed above, you'd probably have a great season, but you would have to guess week to week whether Brown or Floyd are going to have more chances.

Throw in Nelson and I think you run the risk of setting yourself up for failure trying to capture lightening in a bottle.

Now, if any of the Cardinals wide outs should miss time... Then lean heavy on the healthy one and maybe even take a flyer on a Nelson.