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NFL Draft Breakdown Podcast: Learning from past draft mistakes

Justin and I were joined by Ben Natan to discuss the 2013 NFL Draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Natan of Bleeding Green Nation joined Justin and I to discuss the 2013 NFL Draft.  We talked about how knowing when someone is bad is easier than trying to figure out if someone is good.

Why small school guys are so hard to figure out for many of us.

What we missed on Le'Veon Bell and how to make sure those things do not happen again.

Also, how to get away from the draft minutia and use your own eyes to make a call on a guy, even if it is not a popular one.

Ben also had some interesting insight into what it is like to not like a player at all during the process to have your team turn around and potentially mortgage the franchise to get him, in Carson Wentz.

It is a quick hour, give it a listen.