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86 Days until the Arizona Cardinals open the 2016 Season

What are some Cardinals stats to go with "86"?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There are 86 days until the Arizona Cardinals kickoff the regular season against the New England Patriots.

The number 86 also has some interesting history behind it when it comes to Cardinals stats, here are some stats about "86".

  • Neil Lomax in 1988 had a quarterback rating of 86.7 and Kevin Kolb in 2012 had a quarterback rating of 86.1.  Ahh, memories.
  • Halfback John David Crow had a quarterback rating of 86.2 for his career in Arizona, from 1958-1964. Gungus can explain to you why Crow played so much quarterback, he was the beat reporter for these years.
  • Ottis Anderson averaged 86 yards per game in 1981.  He finished the season with 1376 yards and nine rushing touchdowns.
  • Timm Rosenbach had 86 rushing attempts for 470 yards and three touchdowns in 1990.  What offense were the Cardinals running?  I was four, I don't remember much.
  • Sonny Randle's career long reception was for 86 yards and occurred in 1962.
  • Jackie Smith in 1967, JT Smith in 1989, and Anquan Boldin in 2003 and 2008 averaged 86 yards per game receiving.  All of them but JT Smith made the Pro Bowl. (JT had an absurdly productive half of a season, playing in only nine games and starting eight, the 34 year old had 62 catches for 778 yards and five touchdowns. That's six less yards and three more touchdowns than Fitz had in 2014).
  • Chuck Latourette in 1968 and Johnny Roland in 1966 each had 86 yard punt returns for touchdowns.

That's it for the number 86.