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One Arizona Cardinals player was missing from the PFF 101

How the veteran WR was left off is the biggest gripe Arizona Cardinals fans should have.

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I made you a promise.

This is where Arizona Cardinals fans can come and let their outrage over the PFF 101 list out.  I went through the list with a fine tooth comb and here are the grievances I came away with. (Note: I really do not care, rankings are opinion, even these by PFF are subjective).

Richard Sherman and Chris Harris Jr. over Patrick Peterson:  I think too much is made of overall stats given up and not enough is made of being a true number one corner. Peterson covered number one receivers 20% more often and especially in the second half of the season where he had his best numbers.  While this list is subjective towards the PFF grade, I think that is a flaw of their grading system, it does not take into account the fact that Peterson's job every week is more difficult.

Five quarterbacks are better than Carson Palmer: Aaron Rodgers (8), Tom Brady (15), Cam Newton (19), Ben Roethlisberger (21) and Russell Wilson (25) are the five quarterbacks ranked ahead of Palmer.  Is the thought that Palmer's 2015 is not replicable in 2016 and he'll take a step back?

Jordan Reed (95), Delanie Walker (94), Amari Cooper (87), Jimmy Graham (86), Jarvis Landry (83), Brandon Marshall (81), Doug Baldwin (79), Steve Smith Sr (75), Emmanuel Sanders (65), Greg Olsen (60), Dez Bryant (51), Alshon Jeffery (46), Jordy Nelson (45), Allen Robinson (43), AJ Green (30), DeAndre Hopkins (22), Odell Beckham Jr (17), Julio Jones (9), and Antonio Brown (3) are all in the top 101, while Larry Fitzgerald is not.

Now, I will say this, at about Dez Bryant I am fine with all of those names above Fitz, in fact I would absolutely listen to Greg Olsen being ranked as a better player than Fitz, but the rest?  Based on?

I could get into the tackles ranked above Jared Veldheer, and wonder about Chandler Jones' exclusion, but I think those are the three biggest questions I have for the overall rankings.  What about you?