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85 Days until the Arizona Cardinals Kick Off the Season

With 85 days remaining, here are some stats with the number 85.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are 85 days until the Arizona Cardinals open up the season against the New England Patriots.  Will Tom Brady play?  Who cares, that is 85 days from now.  Here are some other good stats regarding the number 85.

  • Mel Gray wore 85 during his Cardinals career and made four Pro Bowls and one All Pro team.
  • Jim Hart in 1982 and Kurt Warner in 2005 had quarterback ratings of 85.
  • Woodley Lewis' career long reception was 85 yards in 1959.

Rob Moore and now Darren Fells wear the number 85, but it has been a number that has been used a lot, with little fanfare, do you have any more 85 stats?