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Arizona Cardinals Kick Off in 84 Days

What are some stats that coincide with the number 84 for the Cardinals?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are 84 short(?) days until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the regular season against the New England Patriots.  That's 12 measly weeks to make the number seem smaller. Hey, 12 is the number of the quarterback that will likely be suspended when the Pats and Cards play.  Interesting...

Here are some other interesting stats with the number "84".

Ollie Matson had a quarterback rating of 84 in 1957.  He was also a Pro Bowler and an All Pro that season, and ended up his career in the Hall of Fame.  In  other words, he was good.

Jim Hart in 1969, Dave Brown in 1999, and Charley Trippi in 1952 completed 84 passes.

Johnny Olszewski in 1955 and Wayne Morris in 1982 each had 84 rushing attempts.

Anquan Boldin had 84 catches for 1024 yards and four touchdowns in 2009, his last with the Arizona Cardinals.

John Gilliam had a career long reception of 84 yards in 1969.

Ken Hall had an 84 yard punt return for a touchdown in 1959. He had seven more return yards the rest of the season

Any other 84's out there?  Outside of Gungus' age? Happy father's day bud.