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David Johnson a top five rusher in 2016?

One expert believes that the Cardinals running back will be a top five yardage producer in 2016.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most highly anticipated seasons for an Arizona Cardinals player I can remember is David Johnson's sophomore campaign. With the chance to be "the man" Johnson has expectations that are sky high and now you have the predictions coming out. To start with you have Elliott Harrison of saying that Johnson will finish in the top 5 and rush for 1231 yards on the season.

To get to that many yards, Johnson would likely need to get about 250 carries, which is more than any running back under Bruce Arians since Rashard Mendenhall in 2010 when he rushed the ball 324 in the regular season. Mendenhall also rushed the ball 61 times in the playoffs.

I think Johnson getting to 250 carries on the season would be impressive, simply because of the weapons the Arizona Cardinals have around him and even behind him in Chris Johnson.

That being said, Johnson has the build and the running ability to get to that level of carries and continue to be effective. The other issue is how much will Bruce Arians plan on running the ball?  The Cardinals ran the ball 452 times in 2015, will they exceed that amount in 2016, or will David Johnson be the bell cow?  It is exciting to see unfold.

Do you think a top five finish in yards is fair expectations for David Johnson?