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Best of RoTB Comments

The Revenge of the Birds fans are fantastic. Here are some of the best comments from the week.

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Every week I'm going to highlight some of my favorite comments, even if the first rule of blogging is don't read the comments. The RotB faithful are a great group and I hope to continue to build on what Jess started.

Here are some of my favorite comments from the week.


I just can't understand having an issue with a great QB coach relationship.

This seems to come up every time this story pops up and I don't get it. I would like to hear more about that bunch of bologna.

Otherwise..thank you to abrupt endings and new beginnings !

As well, an early happy fathers day to everyone


A microcosm of life.

As in any walk of life, the guy in charge is never loved by everyone. I'm inclined to agree with Gungus on this one. There's very likely some truth to what Woodley is saying, and Burleson's comment supports this, unless you think he's lying. And no matter how the guy in charge is received, not everyone going to agree with his decisions. I watch NFLfootball, I don't necessarily dissect it. But over the years I've seen many a team blown out in big games and for the most part when it happens, one team came to play firing on all cylinders, and the other didn't. The talent level in this league is just too great on both sides of the ball to lay a game like that on any single coach.


I just hope we got Evan Mathis and not Alan Faneca...

No one employs a rotation on the OL


Unity as a positional group is extremely important on the OL more so than any other position on the field. Once the starters are named they are set in stone unless there's an injury or really awful play that is more than a learning curve for a 1st time starter.


The running game wasn't for lack of attempts

In the first season there were 422 rushing plays, followed by 397 in 2014, and 452 last season. The difference was effectiveness; 3.6 and 3.3 ypa in those first two seasons respectively makes it look like BA wasn't running the ball. Over the course of a season, that 55 carries is about 3 per game. So he always wanted to run, the team just wasn't good at it for a while


I love Goldens fight and motor

I dont need to see him get 15 sacks to consider him very successful. He needs to keep getting better in the run game and covering in soace to compliment his rush skills. If hes in that 8-10 sack range like watchnut mentions, along with playimg solidly vs run and in coverage, thatd be a great year in my opinion.