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Mathieu is NFL's Most Versatile Defender

Matt Bowen of ESPN believes that the Honey Badger is the most versatile defender in the NFL.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

There is something to be said for versatility, but when it comes to Tyrann Mathieu, his versatility is what makes him such a special player.  In fact, Matt Bowen of believes that Mathieu is the most versatile defender in the NFL.

You want to play matchups? Then this is your guy.  Mathieu is the Swiss army knife every coach in the league is looking for.

Without question Mathieu's ability to positively impact the running game or the passing game makes him a special player, but it is the fact that he does so consistently, game in and game out, that makes his versatility so special.

In 14 games in 2015, that versatility led to an All Pro selection, he also was responsible for 89 tackles, one sack, five interceptions , one of which was returned for a touchdown and one forced fumble.

From Bowen: With his range, coverage ability, ball skills and toughness, Mathieu can play outside of the numbers, roll down over the slot or patrol the deep middle of the field.  Oh, and he can blitz,too.

It's not just Mathieu's versatility that makes him special, it is the fact he is willing to do whatever is needed for the team in that game.

Mathieu is not just the emotional leader, his production and versatility make him the on field leader as well.