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Arizona Cardinals Have Veteran Insurance for OL on Roster

One fantastic Arizona Cardinals writer had an idea about bringing in veteran insurance along the offensive line.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When you look at the Arizona Cardinals, you see a team that is built to win now, and in that they may not have time to allow a player to develop.  In that instance, you can see why a player like DJ Humphries is under such scrutiny, because the Arizona Cardinals simply do not have the time or ability for him to "figure it out".

Jess Root of Cards Wire wrote an interesting article that explored the idea of bringing in Jake Long to play right tackle for the Cardinals, or at least be that veteran insurance.

Jess' thoughts, "Long is an injury risk, as he has had knee issues. He played and started in only seven games in 2014 for the St. Louis Rams and then only appeared in four games, none as a starter, last season for the Atlanta Falcons.

Long is 31, is a former Pro Bowler and All-Pro. He has been versatile, playing both tackle and guard. Playing right tackle would not be an issue, and the possibility of playing on a winning team like the Cardinals could be attractive to him.

No one is saying D.J. Humphries needs to be upgraded. He is just an unknown at this point, which makes adding a veteran a good idea.

But Long would make a solid addition. He is versatile and, at worst, would be a great option as a swing tackle off the bench. At best, he would be a very good solution to the question at right tackle."

I understand the idea that Jess is putting forward, but I am not sure Long is the answer. While Long may believe he is "the healthiest he has been in years," according to ESPN.

Is Long an upgrade to Humphries? Maybe, maybe not, but I don't worry about Humphries needing to be upgraded because of Earl Watford.  While I don't think Earl should start over DJ, I think his presence on the roster is exactly what Jess talks about in his article.  Bring a veteran in if you don't have faith in Earl, but I think Earl has earned the opportunity to be the man at right tackle. Now, if we want to talk about the cornerback position.