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81 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Open the Season

There are 81 days to go until the Arizona Cardinals face off against the New England Patriots. Here are some interesting 81 stats.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There are only 81 days until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the 2016 NFL Season. Here are some 81's

throughout the Cardinals history.

  • Kevin Kolb's quarterback rating in 2011 was 81.1.
  • Logan Thomas' only career completition was an 81 yard touchdown pass to Andre Ellington in 2014. It is still the best throw by a QB in the Arians era. Debate your monitor.
  • Gary Hammond, a wide receiver, also completed one pass in his career. It was also for 81 yards... It did not go for a touchdown.
  • Andre Ellington in 2014, Fran Polsfoot in 1950 and Jackie Smith in 1974 all have career long receptions of 81 yards.
  • Four of the best offensive players in Cardinals history wore the number 81: Jackie Smith, Roy Green, Frank Sanders and of course, Anquan Boldin.
  • One of the fiercest defensive players in NFL history wore 81... Night Train Lane.
  • Also Jim Dray wore 81.

Any more 81's?