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Arizona Cardinals Have One Player in the Top 10 on Offense in NFC

PFF Continues to give their off season rankings and this time an Arizona Cardinal makes an appearance as one of the ten best offensive players in the NFC.

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Pro Football Focus' NFL 101 lead to some good discussion and now they are taking where they ranked

players and creating spin off work. In this iteration, Gordon McGuinness takes a look at the ten best offensive players in the NFC. At number ten, comes the one and only Carson Palmer, here is what McGuinness had to say:

"Were it not for that performance in the NFC Championship game, Palmer would probably be higher on this list. One performance shouldn't define a player, but the lowest-graded game in the playoffs by a

quarterback in eight years of grading is tough to ignore. It's also an issue because, as good as Palmer

was in 2015, it was a level that we'd never seen him play at before. With just one negatively-graded

season in the PFF era, it's not a case of him playing poorly in the past, but 2015 was a completely

different level and very much an outlier for his career so far.

Of course, that performance refers to the not so good play in the NFC Championship game. When you look at what Palmer has done the last season and a half before his injury in 2014 though, you have to think that Palmer is good to go, as long as he stays ahead of father time.

McGuinness addresses that as well,

Still, just because we've never seen him at that level before doesn't

mean that he will revert back to previous form in 2016, and there's every chance that the PFF 2015

regular-season MVP can produce back-to- back spectacular seasons. Excellent on intermediate passes,

Palmer went 121-for- 188 for 1,958 yards, 15 touchdowns, and five interceptions. Should the same

player turn up in 2016, expect him to jump much higher up this list, especially if he can avoid breaking

his own record for the worst-graded playoff game in PFF history.

Of course to Arizona Cardinals fans, the only thing left to accomplish and that matters now is getting the team that Lombardi Trophy.