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80 days until the Arizona Cardinals Open the Season

Here are some good stats for the Cardinals and the number 80

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

There are 80 days until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the 2016 NFL season, and with that a look at some stats with the number 80 in them throughout Cardinals history.

The number 80 has been a wasteland of talent for the Cardinals, especially the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Matt Leinart's quarterback rating in 2008 was 80.2.
  • Jim Hart's quarterback rating in 1973 was 80 even.
  • Carson Palmer completed an 80 yard pass for his second longest completion of his Arizona Cardinals career in 2014.  Do you remember who it was thrown too?
  • Twelve times the season long pass for the Cardinals was 80 yards.
  • Ray Mallouf's career quarterback rating was 80, he played from 1941-1948.
  • Tim Hightower in 2010 and Andre Ellington in 2013 have career long runs of 80 yards.
  • Larry Fitzgerald had 80 catches for 1411 yards and eight touchdowns in 2011.  It may have been his best season considering who was throwing him the ball.
  • JT Smith had 80 catches for 1014 and six touchdowns in 1986.
  • Bob Shaw averaged 80.9 yards per game in 1950.
  • 10 Cardinals players have career long receptions of 80 yards. Larry Fitzgerald is one of them.
  • Bryant Johnson wore number 80... Imagine if it was Terrell Suggs as number 55 instead.

Any more 80's?