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79 Days until Arizona Cardinals Kickoff

There are only 79 days left until the Arizona Cardinals kick off, here are some stats with the number 79.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 79 days until the Arizona Cardinals open the season against the New England Patriots, and maybe Jonathan Cooper.

What are some interesting stats with the number 79?  Glad you asked.

The best player in Arizona Cardinals history to wear 79 was Chuck Walker from 1964-1972.  Bob Clasby was a close second, just didn't play for long enough in Arizona.  Remember David Carter?  He wore 79 as well. As did Calvin Pace his rookie season. And Simeon Rice.

  • Kurt Warner's longest pass in 2008 was 79 yards.  Jim Hart's longest pass in 1970 was 79 yards.  Those are two good quarterbacks.
  • Jake Plummer in 2001, Jim Hart in 1974, Charley Johnson in 1063, and Neil Lomax in 1985 had passer ratings in the 79 range.  That's like the Mount Rushmore of Cardinals quarterbacks before Warner/Palmer.
  • Ollie Matson's career long run was 79 yards.  It happened twice, once in 1954 and once in 1956.  He was an All Pro both years.
  • Only one Cardinals player in history has averaged over 79 yards per game for his career... Can you guess who?
  • Frank Sanders had 79 catches in 1999, he finished the season with 954 yards but only one touchdown.
  • Anquan Boldin's longest catch in 2008 was 79 yards.

Are there any other 79's?