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Arizona Cardinals Undrafted Free Agent Defensive Backs

Who are the players on the backend of the roster trying to earn a spot?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the depth built in Arizona by Steve Keim there are few spots to be earned heading into the 2016 season. There are however a couple of spots in the Arizona Cardinals defensive backfield that could be up for grabs, and the Arizona Cardinals have quite a few bodies trying to earn those couple of spots.

Meet the rookie undrafted free agents that are competing with the veteran journeyman trying to make the Arizona Cardinals final 53.

Rondald Zamort- A 5-10 173lbs corner, Zamort played at Western Michigan. After a productive junior season Zamort didn't make the jump many expected.

Trevon Hatfield- The 6-0 195lbs corner played at SouthWestern Oklahoma State University.  The young corner has a nice mix of size and speed, says he mimics his game after Patrick Peterson.

Elie Bouka- Maybe the most buzzed about of the off season undrafted acquisitions, the 6-1 205lbs Bouka is from Canada. Bouka has had several article written about him, his game and what he offers, take a look at one here.

Matthias Farley- The other well known prospect, Farley is a 5-11 204lbs safety out of Notre Dame.  Farley tested extremely well at the Notre Dame pro day, but his on the field work did not match his overall athletic testing.  He was a strong special teams performer at Notre Dame, and that is what he hopes gets him his shot in the NFL.

The mix of undrafted free agents is smaller than normal, simply because the Arizona Cardinals invested so heavily within the actual draft in the secondary.  We'll take a look next weekend at the drafted players, what they bring and if they are in any trouble of not making the roster.