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Could Jake Coker make the Arizona Cardinals Roster

A closer look at Jake Coker the player.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There was something about Jacob Coker the three star Alabama high school prospect choosing to go to Florida State out of high school.  Coker was one of the more visible quarterback prospects in the country and he chose FSU, and yet, after two years and a transfer, he ended up at Alabama.

The weird part was, he ended up at Alabama after losing a quarterback competition to one of the best quarterbacks in the country (okay Jameis Winston was the best quarterback in the country) and deciding he had a better shot to start at Alabama.  He didn't, he lost another quarterback battle, this time to Blake Sims, but he stayed put.  After Sims one year of starting resulted in no National Championship for Alabama, it was finally Coker's time... Except it wasn't.  Coker was the starter, but saw snaps given to Cooper Bateman the first three games, until Nick Saban finally gave him the reigns to the offense after Bama's loss to Ole Miss.

There was never a question on Coker's uncoachable's, he has the NFL size, enough athleticism and a very good arm, it was a matter of finding a way to stay on the field.  Whether it was missing throws or missing reads, there always seemed to be something holding Coker back from taking the next step.  He was more than a game manager, but he wasn't a game changer.

The reality is though, he is an NFL prototype, so he's going to get a chance to prove himself as an undrafted free agent.

Here is what two people said to me about Coker:

NFL size. Average arm. Mechanics need to be tightened up. Sloppy footwork. Average athlete for size. Came from two pro style offenses but struggles getting from one side of the field to the other. Project QB that will be a back up at best in NFL.

What I enjoy about the scouting process is the different opinions of a player, I can ask 10 people about Coker and get 10 different answers.  I asked these two individuals because I trust them, they also see things in different ways, yet they had a lot of similar concerns.

The arm thing was different too me, simply because I always thought Coker had a nice arm, with the ability to push the ball.

When you go back and look at a lot of his deep passes, you see players, Calvin Ridley especially, having to wait on the ball while they are wide open.

One-year starter. Career backup ceiling as a pro. Alabama ties got him a generous senior bowl invitation. Made a few splashy throws but always seemed one mistake away from being replaced. Wasn't good on 3rd downs or pushing the ball down the field. Thought he played ok during the NCG. Arm is a little better than the 3 Bama QBs before him, but I liked the game managers, McElroy and McCarron better.

While Coker may have more natural ability than Matt Barkley, the mental game may make it tough for him to find a roster spot in Arizona.  He is actually a prime candidate to be practice squaded, if that is what Arizona wants to do with him.

I just wouldn't put money on Coker being the third quarterback in Arizona for 2016.